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Jeremy Scott for Moschino PFW

Junk culture meets couture, Moschino meets McDonalds, Fast food meets Timeless Fashion… Jeremy Scott you bloody legend!!

So many of his designs reference iconic brands and bring back childhood memories. The Happy Meal handbags that I used to prance around with aged 6 on the rare trip to Mc Donalds in Gatwick airport or the classic Chanel style quilted handbags I used to drool over in magazines whilst bored in lectures. BOOM smash them together and you get THE most fun catwalk I have seen so far in Fashion Week and with a similarly too cool for school frow- Oh Hay Katy Perry & Rita Ora!
Most of the collection reflects my current lifestyle and that of our generation of fashion junkies; the takeaway drink handbag (we all know the ultimate go-to hangover cure is a Maccys chocolate milkshake). The Ronald McDonald red and yellow fluffy dressing gown- we all need comfy clothing to nurse away our pounding headaches.. and those ‘M’ sunglasses, THOSE DREAMY GLASSES to hide the bloodshot eyes behind (no one will ever know now).
Anyone who knows me will know anything that’s black, gold, has a chain and is exceptionally tacky looking, I will love.. therefore I won’t even get STARTED on the quilted signature black and gold Moschino pieces or you’ll never hear the end of it.. Instead ill pick-spam you with some of my favs from dreamy collection- enjoy!