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Essential Tips for Travelling South East Asia

It's one month today until I set off on my backpacking adventure around South East Asia and as always, I've found myself panic packing! I figured I would write a check list of things for anyone else doing a similar trip soon - who knows it might help someone else out too!


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Festivals are finished, summer holidays seem like a distant memory and you can betcha the great British sun has gone AWOL for good. This leads us to one conclusion.. winter's coming.



I recently went on a week long holiday to Ibiza full of sun, sea and lots of prosecco. After hiring a boat, visiting ocean beach and celebrating one of my best friends 21st birthdays in style i have to say i absolutely loved it. Yes there are some places I would say to avoid such as the west end unless you like the zante/maga vibe but overall the places we visited were a lot nicer than i was expecting in particular the beaches although i have to say the amount of daylight we actually ended up seeing was limited!


Rag Traders X Thailand

So we recently went on holiday to Thailand stopping in Pattaya and then heading to Krabi and Bangkok. The whole trip was amazing and we managed to film it just so we can be reminded how depressing life is now that were back at home in rainy England, enjoy the photo roundup! 


Nip + Fab Review

Okay so we got these Nip + Fab goodies a while ago just before we went on our holiday to Thailand and wanted to truly put them to the test before we gave a review, so after nearly finishing them all we thought it was about time!


Kylie Jenner: Get the look


Look Fantastic: May Beauty Review


One in a Million


May Beauty Faves

It's finally May and you know what that means? Summer is finally on its way!! It's time to get those legs out of hibernation, the dresses from the back of your wardrobe and slip on your sunnies cause the sun is starting to make its rare appearance in the UK-woo!
We decided to do a little summer beauty review with some of our go-to products of the month, perfect for keeping your skin looking healthy and glowing all-summer-long.


ASOS : Summer Denim


Kylie Jenner: Nip + Fab Favorites


Holiday Inspo: Thailand


Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dip Brow


Lusting Over Lingerie


Colour Me March


Style Crush: The Jenners


Beauty Wishlist


Top 5: Brunch

A V O C A D O  O N  T O A S T 


London Weekend

The combination of this freezing February weather combined with a month of 'Dry January' (well… minus one slip up) has left me a changed woman.


That's so Seventies


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New York City

So I recently went on a trip with my university to NEW YORK CITYYY and it was the most amazing experience. I had never been to New York before or really knew anyone else who had so I was unsure what to expect however I absolutely loved it and want to go back again and again! Although we went with uni there were very few things on our timetable so we had lots of free time to do what we wanted and boy did we make the most of it, enjoy the snaps!

On our first night we went to the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn to watch the Nets VS Houston Rockets and seeing as Jay Z owns part of the stadium and Beyonce is from Houston I did have an inkling that they would be there... AND I WAS RIGHT!! Although they didn't want the game cameras on them we obviously got out the dslr and got the zoom going, as well as that the actual game was really good and had such a great atmosphere, I even bought my first ever foam finger! 

On our second day we went to get breakfast at the bottom of the empire state building and obviously had to get pancakes and although I've never been keen on the idea of pancakes and bacon I tried some and it was amazing , who would have thought? Next we went to the top of the rock and got an amazing view of NYC, they even had wifi so I had a cheeky FaceTime with the mum!

Not wanting to get stuck on Ellis Island for hours we took a free ferry to Staten Island which went past the Statue of Liberty, I would recommend doing this if your not too bothered about getting up close as you get to see what you want and then do other things, later that night we all went to the Hard Rock cafe in Times Square and writing this now is literally making my mouth water because the food was soo damn good! 

Times square was as amazing as you would expect, so lit up and people everywhere and of course the infamous red stairs gave the perfect view although it was very nippy on this particular night so we didn't stay for long and unfortunately didn't stumble upon the naked cowboy.

As well as going to the top of the Rockefeller Centre we wanted to get a different view so we decided to go up the Empire State building at night time, if you have enough money I would definitely recommend doing both and going both in the day and at night as its two completely different atmospheres especially at night, it was so amazing and the lights went on for as far as you could see.

On our second to last day we decided to venture to central park and had been told to go to Sarah Beth's for breakfast which I would 100% recommend to go to it was the best breakfast I have ever eaten and still has me craving Eggs Benedict and french toast two weeks later.

Having never ice skated before I was very much willing to accept that as soon as I set foot on that ice I would be straight on the floor, however I didn't fall over once! I was so proud of myself and even learned how to do a little turn by the end although that was me being cocky and karma should have shoved me over. I think this was probably my favourite thing from the whole trip as silly as it seems as you can ice skate anywhere but the atmosphere of central park was just so fab.

I had heard about serendipity when watching the Kardashians (surprise) and really wanted to go and try their frozen hot chocolate but I didn't expect the monstrosity that ended up in front of me, in the biggest sundae bowl with salted caramel chocolate ice cream as well as cream, chocolate shavings and salted caramel sauce dripping everywhere it was incredible but I couldn't eat the whole thing ( wish I had a doggy bag right now!)

On our last day we wanted to do some chilled out things not too far from where we were staying so we decided to walk the high line, we also went to visit the big piano, another one of my Kardashian finds and I learned how to play happy birthday!

If anyone is thinking of going i would definitely recommend it, you've got to see it at least once in your lifetime as its such an amazing city with so much to do and see and after writing this post I now have the NYC blues and need to go back ASAP!



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