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London Weekend

The combination of this freezing February weather combined with a month of 'Dry January' (well… minus one slip up) has left me a changed woman.
I have come to realise that an occasional quiet weekend is actually rather enjoyable, especially post hectic work weeks in central London where you blink and its 5pm, before you know it your at the gym and by the time your home and fed it's bedtime - I live a wild life guys I know!
So when I spoke to Clo and discovered she had a free weekend we decided to plan a spontaneous trip for her to come visit me in London… and as usual the whole trip revolved around food - shock!

 On saturday we decided to just chill out, cook some food and have a little movie night watching 'The Theory of Everything'. After spending several hours insta-stalking and endless scrolling through Deliciously Ella, Nutrition Stripped and Madeline Shaw, we finally decided on a dinner of courgetti spaghetti with king prawns, stir fried veg and teriyaki sauce. Obviously this was followed by Ellas raw banoffee pie MMM (we are still to perfect this recipe) and clearly still not satisfied by this mammoth amount of food we then went on to bake Clos quinoa cookies - her personal fave right now and bonus they only take 7 mins to cook! (we told you we're foodies!!!)

On sunday we started the day with some protein pancakes, greek yogurt, bilberry powder and blueberries. We then walked to Hoxton square and went to Bills for lunch, never one to disappoint the food was sooo good!! we both opted for Spinach, Avocado and Bacon salads with a side of sweet potato fries. Clo opted for the Bills green smoothie to attempt to annihilate her cold (it failed.) and I went for their carrot, apple and ginger juice which is a personal fave and super refreshing!

After a quick prey pitstop to get our caffeine fix we hit up Brick Lane, topped up on some whole foods purchases - Yogi tea, buckwheat porridge (after hearing about this on Beauty Crushs youtube channel I just had to give it a go!) and some superfood tortilla chips. We ventured back home for some chill time, catching up on some of our favourite vloggers from this week. Finally… dinner called yep. we know. MORE FOOD! We booked a table at local peruvian restaurant Andina, based near Shoreditch High St which Clo hadn't been to before but I highly recommended (so if you're ever around East London go try it guyssss you will NOT be disappointed)

The menu at Andina is all tapas so we shared 6 dishes between us, opting for crunchy corn which was a little bit like un popped popcorn but much nicer, sea bass ceviche, chicken & avocado causa, quinoa burgers, and cassava chips. The food was absolutely amazing and as we had already been on a massive binge weekend we popped in a cheeky quinoa brownie too - to die for!