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Kylie Jenner: Nip + Fab Favorites

Unless you've fallen off the face of the earth (or live in the deep, dark, depths of a cave) then I'm sure you're all aware that Kylie Jenner has recently been named as the face of Nip+Fab skincare. As the haaawt topic on most beauty bulletins for her bold makeup looks, perfect pout and flawless skin it's the perfect partnership all round!
Having been a fan of the brand for the past year, Kylie shares her collection of fave products she always turns to.
We've rounded them all up for you lovely lot below and we can't WAIT to try them out for ourselves (post coming soon).

"I have dry skin so the Dragons Blood Serum is super nourishing. I never get on a flight without it"

Although the dragons blood range may sound a little scary the 'blood' in the product is actually resin from the Croton Lechleri Tree and smells absolutely amazing! The products are aimed at moisturising and plumping the skin to give it a youthful look. The mask forms a protective film over the skin whilst cleansing, hydrating and exfoliating the face. It also draws water to the outer layer of the face making it perfect for anyone with dry skin. The Plumping serum as it says in the name helps to smooth wrinkles and plump the skin as well as intensely hydrating and illuminating the surface which is great as Kylie says for flying when the moisture is sucked out of the skin and can leave your face feeling super dry and sensitive.

"Im obsessed with these pads that leave my skin so clean!"

These pads are all about rejuvenating the skin leaving it clean, smooth and bright. The 60 pads are soaked in exfoliating glycolic acid which helps to re surface the skin leaving it brighter and smoother. These pads are the perfect addition to your nighttime routine as there so easy and quick to use but work so well!

" I love the glycolic range! Ive been using the cleanser non stop"

The glycolic range is all about refreshing and resurfacing the skin. The scrub is used to exfoliate the skin and remove dirt whilst cleansing pores and brightening the skin, its the perfect product to introduce into your morning routine as the fresh grapefruit scent really wakes you up. The cleanser works along side the scrub softening and hydrating the skin creating clear and radiant skin. This range is perfect for anyone who suffers from breakouts and blemishes as it really helps to clean out the pores and renew the surface of your skin.

"I use a lot of scrubs. The yoga scrub is really amazing and i love the Lavender scent. I like to use it before bed because it calms me"

The Yoga blend range is all about relaxation, the Lavender, Coconut and Rose fragrances all work together to create a warm and calming experience. The body lotion helps to moisturise the skin whilst the acids in it help to refine and smooth the skin. The Scrub is one of Kylies favourites helping to exfoliate the skin and buff it out creating a smooth and radiant look. The Body wash is used to calm and relax the body whilst cleansing the skin and washing away impurities. All three of these products work well together and a perfect for your daily bath/shower routine.