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Nip + Fab Review

Okay so we got these Nip + Fab goodies a while ago just before we went on our holiday to Thailand and wanted to truly put them to the test before we gave a review, so after nearly finishing them all we thought it was about time!

First up is the Shimmer Leg Fix. This is a moisturising cream with a golden tone to it providing radiance and luminosity. Now, we both have completely different skin types, Analise tans when she so much as looks at the sun, me however.. I either stay pale or go bright red. You can imagine that I was a little hesitant that this would only look good on Anni, however after putting it to the test I was proven completely wrong. Even though I have naturally pale skin, I felt like the golden shade almost enhanced what little tan I had and just gave my skin a really nice tone. The shimmer fix is really good at keeping your legs super soft and smooth and smells absolutely incredible! We would highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to use a fake tan but just wants to add a little more shimmer to their legs. Top tip; we would also use this on our arms, shoulders and collar bone area for a subtle shimmer all over- hell... it looks great anywhere!

The next product which we're absolutely obsessed with is the Dragons blood fix plumping serum. Obviously we're still rather young (so we like to think) so our skin isn't lacking in plumpness. However, we still found that this product really increased the fullness around our faces and after a night out.. that is especially useful - trust us! We have both encorporated the Dragons Blood serum into our night time skincare routines. We found it best effective when using in-between taking your makeup off and putting your moisturiser on because it also hydrates the skin - (An added bonus for anyone who suffers from dry patches on their face - Clo I'm lookin' at you!). All of the dragons blood products smell absolutely amazing, really fruity and tropical. Go try them for yourselves and let us know your verdict - we couldn't get enough!!

For anyone who has a hard time relaxing I would definitely recommend the Yoga Blend collection from Nip + Fab. The Body scrub is one of three products in the range and is definitely one of my favourite shower/bath products right now. The scrub is a great exfoliator, whether your trying to keep up your tan on holiday or preparing your legs for a night out. It's perfect for all occasions and the lavender scent makes it so relaxing, especially if you are using it before bed. Some exfoliators I have used before often leave my skin feeling quite dry, however the body scrub helps to moisturise my skin at the same time which again helps when your peeling like a snake after your holiday!

Last but definitely not least is my favourite product so far from Nip + Fab, Dragons blood fix cleansing pads. I love a product that you can really feel working and this certainly does that! The pot comes with 60 pads which both exfoliate and cleanse your face at the same time. I love to use this after taking my makeup off just to make sure all traces have vanished and I can lightly exfoliate before putting my plumping serum on. These pads have been especially good when I've had break outs they seem to dry up spots really quickly without being too harsh to the rest of my skin. The pads also smell great which is an added bonus as most things like this usually have a strong chemical scent.