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Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dip Brow

Girls, let me introduce you to the life changer, the must have in ya make-up bags, the product that gives you 'DEM BROWS THO', The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade.
These past few months I've found myself spammed with countless insta-hottys posting about this particular product so it was only a matter of time before I found myself scouring the internet myself for Youtube tutorials to see if the dip brow was all it was cracked up to be. After my sufficient stalking time was up it was clear that all the beauty baes were raving about it so there was just one more step to take.. que beautybay splurge.
I know what ya might be thinking, phoooar £15 for an eyebrow product that's a bit steep right? No. well yes.. but no. I thought the exact same until it arrived and I realised the amount that you actually use per application. As it's essentially more of a gel you only apply a tiny amount to your brush each time therefore, my (non-professional) estimate is that this badboy will last months thus actually being totally worth the price in my opinion. I admit I was a bit stuck when it came to which colour to order, my hair is natually a mousy brown colour so I would usually opt for a light brown brow colour however this wasn't available in the Dipbrow Pomade. Que endless google image searches for someone, ANYONE with a similar hair colour before finally deciding on the 'Medium Brown' - which actually turned out perfect. You can of course build up the product to create a darker colour as with most brow products if need be.
So, I'll let the horrific 'before' images speak for themselves. If your eyebrows, like mine enjoy doing their own thang and sticking out here, there and everywhere then this is the perfect product to tame, shape and frame those bad boys into behaviour.
Anyone else tried this yet? or have any other Brow reccomendations? Let me knoooow (I'm a sucker for make-up)
Analise x