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Earring Obsession


As soon as I saw these crystal floral ear cuffs I had to have them, they literally just slot over your ear so even if you have no piercings you can still wear them and if like me you have lots they still fit over and don't look bad and at 7.99 there a good price for their size!

After buying bigger cuffs and earrings I wanted to get something a little smaller but still nice and noticeable I picked these up from H&M for £2.99 which is nothing! 
Miss Selfridge

I actually bought these ear cuffs before the H&M ones from Miss Selfridge, for these you do actually need at least one set of piercings and then the top just slots onto wherever you want which does make them more secure and they are a little more discreet but I love both pairs equally and these were the same price as well!