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So we recently went on a trip to Croatia together to soak up the last bit of sun before the great british weather kicked in again. We went to a place called Dubrovnik which had THE clearest water we had ever seen and lots of activities for us to see and do.

Top - Skirt (Similar) - Bag - Choker

We had Half board at our hotel so we ate breakfast there everyday and dinner most nights and let me tell you we made the most of it! The food was great but we were a little disappointed with the lack of deserts.. but OHHHH did we manage to solve that crisis quickly. We caught the trusty night bus into old town most evenings to go and see the scenic parts of the city walls (lol jokez we went for the Frozen Yogurt and ER-mazin ice cream).

To break up our week of full on tanning we decided to  go on a boat trip to see some of the surrounding islands and what happens? on that ONE day we go out to sea and do something proper cultural... it absolutely chucks it down- fantastic.  I really hate boats so I was clinging onto whatever I could for dear life whilst we were rocking around in the middle of the sea with only our towels and sarongs for shelter - um yep never use these for shelter and warmth drenched is an understatement haha!

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Whilst looking on trip advisor I saw that someone had said that the best thing they did whilst in dubrovnik was to catch a cable car up to the top of a mountain and have a meal and so we decided to do the same and it was well worth it!

We had a fab time and I even got a tan for the first time in my life although its rapidly fading, but for now back to reality and rainy England!

Chloe & Analise