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San Francisco

San Francisco had never been somewhere I had thought of going before I started planning my road trip. I didn't really know much about it or what there was to do there but I ended up loving it! Although it was absolutely freezing which we hadn't packed for considering we thought we were going to 'sunny' California we still did all of the outdoorsy activities the city has to offer. After failing miserably to get our feet off the ground on tandom bikes we rented our own and headed for the golden gate bridge which has to be the windiest experiences of my life resulting in the clumsiest member of our group falling off her bike in the middle of the bridge. After she recovered we rode into the bay of Sausalito which I would definitely recommend if you need a calorific burger after your agonising bike ride!

If you're looking for something a little different to your everyday holiday activity I would one hundred percent recommend visiting Alcatraz. We took a boat tour over to the island and once inside got a headset which told us all about the prison riots and escape plots as well as present day sightings and theories about the escapees.

Some of my favourite parts of San Francisco were within the city including the Castro. The whole area is adorned with rainbow flags, murals and bright colours. Even the zebra crossings were multi coloured! Another place I obviously loved was Haight-Ashbury which is filled with the most amazing vintage stores so if you're into fashion go take a look - Disclaimer: your bank balance will be hit hard!

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