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This weekend I made the epic journey all the way down to Stratford Upon Avon (I say epic because the furthest I venture out of London is to Southampton and that's about it) so it was nice to go and see a different part of the UK.. even if it was just through a train window haha!

After 2 tubes, 2 trains, a shuttle bus and a walk (drag) of our little suitcases we finally found our way to the VIP camping area to set up tent. Loz took full charge with the tent assembly as she 'used to be a well good scout'- yeah kay loz whilst I took like a duck to water as my role of 'Team Motivator' aka skiver. To be fair to her she did do pretty well getting it all up and ready in the space of 5 mins! Leaving only one other thing to do… dump the cases inside (not sure if this counted as glamping? that aside everything else we did that weekend was less that glamorous i can assure you of that!!) and time to crack open the CIIIDEEERRRSSS!!

I think the combination of sunshine, fields, festivals and day drinking's just automatically results in cider being the designated drink. I mean who wants to start drinking vodka at 10am- hello major festi-fail you will NOT last the day! 

With everything kicking off at about 4pm we had a couple of hours to spare before heading into the arena so we set off to do some street style snappin'. Biiiig trends this year were Co-ords, oversized mesh tees/tanks/coverups over high wasted bikinis (it was like 28 degrees after all!) and playsuits- not your most porta-loo friendly ensembles but hey ho us gals suffer for fashion. Key accessories were Round sunglasses- mirrored lenses being a huge hit, bowler hats were making a come back and Bindis bindis everywheeerrreeee (which obviously I LOVED- big up the bindis, we all know I love a good bindi). Space buns on, thousands of gals rocked there festi-style around the campsite taking in all of the food and drink options available - and trust me there was LOADS before we all headed into the arena.

We pitched up our tent next to a laaaavly bunch of guys and gals from Crawley and all befriended each other for the weekend bonding over alcohol (how sweet naaawwww). We then all headed out together to see chase and status headline the main stage at 9pm and oh my gaaawd they did not disspoint! I saw them the week before at Lovebox but that didn't stop me wanting to see them again as I still think they were one of the best live acts I've seen this summer! Up on the guys shoulders, jumping on the grass, avoiding ALL mosh-pits and raving under 3D glasses we spent the rest of the night loving life to a variety of acts. We then made our way to the Radio1 Extra tent and hung out with Charlie Sloth before his set (admittedly I had NO idea who he was and befriended him over our bond of mutual necklaces (mine a plastic gold $ sign that I stole of some poor guy- (I have a thing for props) and Charlies which was actually Versace… awk "versace versace". After finally admitting he wasn't actually called john Smith and us yelling pocohuntus at him for a good half an hour he revealed his identity as Charlie Sloth- the Radio1 Extra DJ and how he needed to go play his slot "Come watch!!!".. you can guess our shock that he was actually an artist there that we were casually having banter with- he even agreed to give me free DJ lessons- Charlie if you're reading this I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN IMMA COMING FOR THEM!!! 

We watched his set from backstage thanks to our laaaavly press access from the lovelies at Listen Up Biz, before heading off to the artist tent for a few jager shots (minus the bombs) rookie error because the rest of the night is history (or just a drunken mystery) until I awoke in our lovely cosy tent SHIVERING the next morning.

Saturday saw the arrival of our fourth member of the crew and we all began day drinking again (after a much needed fresh fruit smoothie and some more street style snappin).  This time we headed into the arena at about 7 for the Prodigy and OH WOW was that a show. Multiple mosh pits, guys on shoulders holding flares, fire, smoke, you name it- it was happenin at main stage! This time we moved on to the bunker- a really cool container that you entered through a tunnel like passage pitch black and only lit via lasers the atmosphere was amazing (plus it was the warmest place to huddle without heading back to the tent for our hoodies- eugh effort) The girls wanted to test out a few fair-rides, instantly regretted it- OBV. We refuelled on some noodles and then headed to the UKF tent for Wilkinson, Matrix & Futurebound and Shy FX until 4am. We were fortunate enough to have press access all weekend meaning we could rave right at the front and have enough room to jump, skank, shuffle, bop- basically any horrific dance move we could throw out there (not sure if this was a good or bad thing haha). 4am came tooooo quickly and I was NOT ready to go back to the tent, a quick pitstop at the woodlands area in VIP camping filled with crash out wooden beds, a dance floor, fairy lights, HOT TUBS, a bar…. just everything imaginable… followed by a hot dog (soz not soz thats what alcohol does to me) I finally hit the tent. Woke up one hour later and hit the road jack and didn't go back no more no more no more no moreeeeee UNTIL NEXT YEAR CAUSE I AM SOOOO GOING BACK!!!

Okay so I cut alot out there and still rambled sooo much (sorry about me) but you can probably tell this was by FAR the best festival I've been to so far this summer and seriously couldn't recommend it enough for next year guys!!

Anyone else go?

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