Rag Traders





Okay so we know this post is very belated, but we needed a lot of time to recover!
This years theme for bestival was desert island disco, perfect for us glitter lovers. 

The festival started out by us waking up at some ungodly hour in order to catch the 6am ferry to the isle of wight which actually turned out to be a  good idea considering it took about 3 hours to drive from the ferry to the festival due to major traffic which obv called for about an hours worth of non stop 'would you rather'. 

Once we got to the festival we put up our tents and cracked open the ciders and watched the girls next to us have a massive 5 hour tent assemble fail - great drinking entertainment. As it was the first night and no headliners were playing we decided to just chill and head to the dance tents.

On the second day we met up with some other friends and all went to watch sam smith who was errrmazing! We obviously went to go and explore the food options (festi-neccessity) and let me tell you about the FOOD…  er ma gahd there was so much choice from nandos to mexican to veggie options and boy did we love the veggie! Once we had stuffed our faces we went back to camp to get drinking before watching the headline act - Outcast OH HAY MISS JACKSON! 

On Saturday the theme began and everyone got all glittered out for desert island disco and by this time we had accumulated a blow up snake, parrot, numerous glitter pots, henna and flower lays to add to the desert island vibe. A friends boyfriend and his band Paper Boats were playing on the Matua stage so we all headed over to watch them, taking on the role of major groupies.. we event got a free t shirt in the process- win! 

Saturday was parade day and this was THE most fab parade ever with a gay disco bus, a dj on a tractor, flamboyant animals and some very keen monkeys who attacked us with their carefully placed bananas.. if ya know what I mean.
We also discovered the ambient forest that night full of weird expressive dancers, a gypsy caravan site, hammocks and a lake. Once we had left the forest we went to watch Annie Mac at the port who's set was amazing!

On our last night we decided to take it into our own hands to create a theme which we decided was GLITTY KITTIES and took the paw pose to a whole new level!

We will 1000000% be heading back out there next year! who's joining us kittttyyyysss!?

Chloe & Analise