Rag Traders





What better way to end one of the best summers of my life full of festivals, holidays, birthdays and far too much alcohol consumption than to go to the paradise of all party loving animals IBIIIZZAAA!!!

I decided that it was an actual insult to myself that at 23 years of age i had still not been to Ibiza and this needed to change. like now. So as you do, I hopped on the laptop and booked to go over for closing parties to celebrate the end of summer and see it out with a bang..

I won't ramble on too much because as anyone who has been to ibiza before will know, it really is the place of dreams and coming home I have the worst Ibiza blues known to man (yes this is a medical condition.) We stayed out in Bossa for 5 days and hit up numerous closing parties including Paradise at DC10, Sankeys, F**k me I'm famous at Pacha, Space, Zoo Project, La Familia at Ushuaia and Cafe Mambos (for a last chilled sunset before that dreaded flight home).

I loved the care-free atmosphere, running down the Bora Bora beach covered in glitter drinking cocktails making friends with all the workers on our way round. Thinking braids were a really cool idea when drunk, then thinking getting hair feathers and a tarot card reading were even BETTER! Drinking anything and everything, covering ourselves in body paint, pole dancing on disco busses, taking selfless with giant burgers, you name it… anything goes!

If you're thinking of heading out there next year I really could not recommend it enough! Me and Soph are already off again to set up our new psychic tarot card reading stall in the Hippy Market we've decided, so we'll see ya'll there ;) !!